From an early age I had an scholastic interest in various religious beliefs. My parents never pushed a particular philosophy on me though I was baptized and they are both devout Christians. Like many families we went to mass on a few big holidays and that was the extent of it.

From adolescence through my teen years I read up on eastern religions, particularly Buddhism and the Hare Krishna philosophy and for a period I practiced the Wiccan faith drawn by it’s reverence of the natural world and crede:

If it harm none do what ye will

As an adult I found myself enthralled with the writings of the great Sufi mystic Rumi and other spiritual teachers like Khalil Gibran and the Dalai Llama. I re-read most of the Bible and familiarized myself with the Koran during this period also. 

Eventually I adopted an agnostic view. The more I learned about the different belief systems the more I saw great truths were in each one. The same messages could be found in these different philosophies originating in different parts of the world and at different times.  I believed, and continue to believe, we had been arguing for centuries over what the light of God looked like when, in reality, we were all looking at the same light through differing prisms of our culture and way of life. There are as Many Paths to the Great Love as there are possibilities.

From this vantage point I look to learn and understand others views and ultimately their path to happiness, connectivity, and fulfillment in life. 

For some a connection is found in communion with the natural world. For others the path is personal health and well-being. For some it is socializing and sharing with our fellow humans, and others still find their way in quiet and peace. Others still find a connection through athletics and feats of the physical body. 

Join me as we explore the Many Paths.